How to I register my children for the Kids Race?

The process of registering your Junior Spartans for the Kids Race is much like the process of registering yourself online.

Just click the REGISTER button on your race's event page and follow the same steps you did to register yourself - but choose the Jr. Spartan instead of Elite, Individual or Team.

Please remember that the Spartan Kids event is intended for racers 4-14 years old.

Alternatively, you can register your Junior Spartan on race day at the registration tent. Simply pick up a blank waiver, sign it for your children, and hand it to one of our staff at the registration tent. Once you have paid for the event, your children will get their bibs. If you registered your children online, we will have a list of all their names. Come to the tent and tell us you registered them online.  Once we verify that their names are on the list, they will get their bibs. 

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